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Zemleduch Design has been set by Błażej Zemleduch in 2010 following the passion to graphic design and willingness to creating for other people. Since then he has been working successfully (also together with other designers) for a diverse range of clients.

Błażej is a graduate from Wroclaw University of Technology, Architecture and Urbanism in 2008 (degree: Engineer Architect). He completed an exchange year of studies at Vitus Bering in Denmark in Constructing Architect programme. His dissertation project focused on sustainable design, arrangement and enhancing functions of main historical building of Wroclaw University.

He has over five years of experience working in architectural, interior design and model making practices; He has worked for Degli Esposti Architetti in Milan, and later on for BRG Studio in Italy as an Architect and Model Maker.

He collaborated with ArkDM - architectural, engineering and landscape design practice in Sheffield. Moreover, Błażej cooperated also with Building Environments Analysis Unit (BEAU) at the University of Sheffield where he was involved in sustainable building and environmental design, as well as various Consultancy and Research & Development projects.

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