Zemleduch Design provides various interior and architectural design services. From initial consultancy and preliminary concepts through material, color and furniture consultation to the final project completion. Working together with other specialists we can offer residential and commercial solutions which help to create flexible, friendly and interactive interior environments. We can also design your house extension or a new build and prepare your Planning Application supported by necessary drawings and additionally by 3D models and visualisations.

In projects we also focus on sustainability aspect which can add extra value to your interiors and property.

Interior Design is not only about creating a pure space, but it is a process of combining vision of a client with experience and knowledge possessed by designers and architects.

Understanding how people live, work and enjoy theirs time it is a key to create spaces where they would feel safe, inspired and most welcome, places where everyone wants to come back to ...

        Only interiors with 'soul' can stand out. Let us create them together with you, for you!

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